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Ginger Hair Growth Hair Thickening Hair Loss Treatments Shampoo 250ml Shopping Online

Ginger Scalp treatment anti hair loss shampoo offers an innovative formula made with natural ingredients and ginger extract for all hair types. Extract of ginger contained int he shampoo activates micro circulation in scalp, stimulate hair follicles and accelerate hair growth. Exclusive technology fills hair with vital energy for a long time, effectively regenerates hair structure, increase hair volume, strengthens resistance to external adverse factors.

Gingerol helps relax blood vessels and improve the circulation of the blood. this allows for the improved nourishment of hair follicles, ensuring faster hair growth to provide your hair the maximum moisture needed

effectively clean the hair, scalp sensitive sectors, oily, itchy, scalp.
nourishing nutrition, nourish hair and scalp, repair dry, frizz, static damaged.
hair and enhance hair elasticity and the tail of the hair root, the hair smooth, rich, glorious and moving.

Can be used with our hair growth liquid for better results

Product Name: Ginger Shampoo
Specifications: 250ml

Package includes:
1*Ginger Shampoo

Ginger Hair Growth Hair Thickening Hair Loss Treatments Shampoo 250ml Price in Pakistan – Rs. 1,600 –

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