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Hair Diet Orange is enriched with Orange oil, Tea Tree oil and 23 other essential oils, ultra results orienting herbs and hair vitamins. Hair Diet Orange is an oil-based hair product for 2 times faster hair growth, 3 times faster hair-fall control and perfect for dandruff control.

3x Faster Hair-Fall Control

Unique Combo: In this era of social media and fast-paced lifestyle everyone, no matter the gender, wants faster results without side effects and hair growth is at the top of list. The unique combo of orange oil and tea tree oil is an ancient Japanese recipe for 3x faster hair-fall control and 2x faster hair growth without any known side effects.

Orange Oil: Orange oil effetively treats dry, irritated scalp and eliminates dandruff. The unique vitamins provided by orange oil provide deep nourishment to your hair follicles, making them thick and strong. This oil helps in the prevention of hair loss by strenthening the roots of your hair and promotes 2x faster hair growth in combination with tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil: Use of tea tree oil prevents buildup of chemicals and dead skin. This keep your hair healthy and moisturized then help it grow at its normal rate and prevent if from falling out. Tea tree oil is effective in soothing the scalp and treating dandruff and prevention of excessive hair fall.The unique combo of orange & tea tree oil provides 3x faster hair-fall control.

Hair Diet’s Experience

Hair care is a passionate affair. Whatever the style, color, length or shape of your hair, we take looking after it very seriously, because your hair is going to make a statement, so make it a good one! If you’re a graceful female/male with high standards and unique choices – go ahead, join the unique experience that is the Hair Beauty’s Hair Diet and see what we are all about.

Hair Diet’s Quality

You deserve the best, and so does your hair. The entire Hair Beauty Hair Diet team is wholeheartedly committed to making sure that our hair diet is of the highest quality, using only premium ingredients and materials. We use Japanese natural formulation and avoid including harsh, unnecessary chemicals that aren’t kind to your skin or the planet.

Hair Diet’s Promise

Growing and caring for your hair in complete confidence. We are completely sure that you will love our Hair Diet, but if for any reason you’re not happy with our hair diet, just let us know and we will fix it. We are proud that our results speak for themselves, and that once you have experienced the feel of Hair Diet, you’ll never go back. If you’re ready to up your hair grooming game, try the Ultra Blends Hair Diet and find out why We have taken the industry by storm!

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