DXN Morinzhi Price in Pakistan

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1 Bottle DXN Morinzhi Juice Botanical Beverage 285 ML

Drink up and reveal your hidden potential! DXN Morinzhi is rich in morinda citrifolia, the natural source of Compound X. This natural compound has been shown to provide short-term benefits such as neurotransmitter neurotransmitter balancing activities and long-term health effects such as neuroprotective properties. Our unique formula for DXN Morinzhi also contains Roselle, a common ingredient in many African and Middle Eastern dishes that provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

DXN Morinzhi is designed to keep you at your best while we pursue new horizons together with passion, integrity, knowledge and care

DXN Morinzhi has the qualities of Roselle already present in it, which helps to alleviate stomach discomfort. It also helps with digestive health and boosts mood! Recommended for adults looking to regulate their appetite.

DXN Morinzhi Juice Price in Pakistan – Rs. 2,330 –

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